Seacliff is located adjacent to Capitola to the North, Aptos to the East, and Rio Del Mar to the South. Seacliff is technically part of Aptos, but the locals view it is a subcommunity of Aptos due to the separation of Highway 1. Property values in Seacliff are also significantly higher than Aptos based on the sheer proximity to the beach and the views that can be had from the area.

Seacliff State Beach is known for its fishing pier and the abandoned concrete freighter, The Palo Alto. Unfortunately, the ship is unsafe and closed to the public, but the pier is still open for fishing. The beach is also a popular swimming spot, with a long stretch of sand backed by bluffs. The park has a covered picnic facility and interpretive center that reviews the history and the ecology of the area.

The Seacliff community is served by the Pajaro Valley Unified School District, and residents of Seacliff are typically assigned to Mar Vista Elementary School Aptos Middle School and Aptos High School. These are some of the best schools along the coast in this region.

Seacliff is located in the 95003 zip code shared with Aptos, and consists of mostly single family homes, but there are townhomes and condominiums that come on the market occasionally throughout the year. The local Realtor MLS designates the Seacliff Area as MLS Area 47. Below is the historical market data for the community.

Seacliff Median Home Prices
& Days on Market (MLS Area 47)

Seacliff Price Per Square Foot
& Number of Sales (MLS Area 47)

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