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Let Me Help You Buy a Home

The decision to purchase a home is an important decision. The next most important decision is to find a Realtor who is experienced and knowledgeable about the community you want to live in and I never forget you have a choice. After all, this process is about you finding a place to call home.

The Initial Consultation

I will ask questions and listen thoughtfully to your responses to help determine your specific needs for a home, and I'll use that information to develop your personalized search criteria. Using my state of the art listing alert platform, you will be setup with a search that brings homes that best match your preference to the top of the search list. All properties within the system are reviewed to determine their proximity to local amenities, their visual characteristics, and they are tagged to aid your search.

Then I can provide you with a local mortgage lender contact for loan pre-approval based on the needs discussed. There are certain lenders that specialize in FHA, VA, or other specialty loans, and there are also certain lenders that have better rates and/or terms with their loans. I will assist in getting you in touch with the best lender to meet your goals.  Just ask, and I will be glad to provide the referral.

For the most up to date information for the Santa Cruz area, please visit the communities tab built into my website. When we get together to view properties I can acquaint you with many of the local hidden gems and amenities in Santa Cruz County

Finding your Home

Once the pre-approval has been obtained, it is time to start looking for homes. If there is a property you would like to view, you can request showings directly through the Realscout platform with a quick click of a button OR contact me via email or phone.

The Offer Process

Once you find the the home that is right for you, I will assist in preparing an offer for the home.  The steps of this process involve some of the following activities:

  1. Prepare sales comparables of home to help determine the true market value.  In determining value for the home I will take into account the location, recent sales, any deferred maintenance, and any improvements a market buyer would make in order to make the home livable.
  2. Obtain any pre-offer disclosures if any are available and review these documents with you to help you understand all of the details.  If anything in these documents causes you to need additional information, I will work with you to answer all your questions.  My goal is to ensure you are fully informed about the condition of the property prior to making any offer OR prior to removing your contingencies.
  3. Based on the condition of the home, the disclosures provided, and your financial capabilities, I will discuss an offer strategy for the property. Once the strategy is in place, I will work with you to get all of the appropriate documents signed.
  4. I strive to present your offer in person to Seller or the Listing Agent although I am not always afforded this opportunity.
  5. If the seller accepts the offer you submit, you will be in contract and the escrow process will begin. Often times there will be some counter offer or further negotiation before a contract is accepted. I'll counsel you through this process, and make sure you don't exceed your prescribed price limits for the home.
  6. Once in contract,  I will coordinate all inspections, reports, or access needed for the property to complete your loan process.  Depending on the structure of your purchase offer, the escrow period may be short or long.  I will work to accomplish whatever you desire during this period.
  7. If any additional inspections are needed for the property, I will work to get those on the schedule ahead of any contingency removal or close dates.  My strong referral network allows me to have professionals visit the home on short notice.
  8. If there are any futher negotiations needed with the seller I will represent you on these and will work to get the best possible settlement in your favor.  Once all contingencies are removed, I will makes sure the remainder of the escrow process moves smoothly.
  9. Within 5 days of the close of escrow, and after any loan documents are delivered to escrow I'll schedule a sign off with the escrow company and always try to be in attendance to ensure all of the terms and conditions are in agreement with the purchase contract.
  10. On the date of the close of escrow I get confirmation of the recording at the County.  Once this occurs we'll coordinate to deliver keys to the property and also provide any necessary utility information to transfer services.

The close of escrow is not the end of our service.  I am available for you to discuss any details regarding your home, and also provide vendor recommendations to make your homeownership experience an enjoyable one.

I listen thoughtfully to help determine your specific needs for a home, and use that information to develop your personalized search criteria.